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Ch.0 Act 2: The Sage 2-12
Ch.0 Act 2: The Sage 2-11
Ch.0 Act 2: The Sage 2-10
Ch.0 Act 2: The Sage 2-9
Download Act 2: Sage’s Song
Ch.0 Act 2: The Sage 2-8
Ch.0 Act 2: The Sage 2-7
Ch.0 Act 2: The Sage 2-6
Ch.0 Act 2: The Sage 2-5
Ch.0 Act 2: The Sage 2-4
Ch.0 Act 2: The Sage 2-3
Ch.0 Act 2: The Sage 2-2
Ch.0 Act 2: The Sage 2-1
Download Act 1 OST
Ch.0 Act 1: The Eye [Credits]
Ch.0 Act 1: The Eye [Epilogue]
Ch.0 Act 1: The Eye 1-14
Ch.0 Act 1: The Eye 1-13
Ch.0 Act 1: The Eye 1-12
Ch.0 Act 1: The Eye 1-11
Ch.0 Act 1: The Eye 1-10
Ch.0 Act 1: The Eye 1-9
Ch.0 Act 1: The Eye 1-8
Ch.0 Act 1: The Eye 1-7
Ch.0 Act 1: The Eye 1-6
Ch.0 Act 1: The Eye 1-5
Ch.0 Act 1: The Eye 1-4
Ch.0 Act 1: The Eye 1-3
Ch.0 Act 1: The Eye 1-2
Ch.0 Act 1: The Eye 1-1

I'm excited to present you a new world full of unique characters, magic, drama, and humor. I've taken artistic license with the all too familiar idea of fantasy that we have all come to know and love. By doing so, I feel I've created a relatable world for those of us that love modern cartoons, video games, comics, anime, and most of all, enjoy a good laugh or cry.

♥ Daniel St George

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Q: What is Catalist?

A: Catalist is an experimental interactive comic that is released weekly and presented in a single panel storyboard format, consisting of static images, animated gifs, music, animation and mini games.

Q: When is Catalist updated?

A: The comic is updated weekly on Sunday, with periodic breaks taken to allow for animations to be completed.

Q: Who is behind Catalist?

A: Catalist is created, partly animated and written by Daniel St George. Act 1 The Eye was illustrated by Jerome Queval, while Act 2 The Sage is currently being illustrated Matt Rockefeller; Act 3 will be illustrated by Xanth Bouma. Kanesha Bryant creates all the JRPG Busts, and Emily Rabbits designs the interludes. Many other talented artists, musicians, and supporters of the webcomic contribute to the project; please follow this link for a comprehensive ‘Thank You’ page.

Q: Okay, Daniel St Whatever!

A: Firstly, it’s Daniel Anthony St George the 2nd, and if you like, I can show you my passport! I currently live in Brooklyn, NY. Secondly, I don’t think that was an actual question. If you’re interested in asking questions that aren’t answered here, shoot me an email, follow the development Tumblr, or harass me via Twitter! Cool? Cool.

Q: How can I support Catalist?

A: Buying music albums and merch , and very importantly, sharing the word twitter with others about Catalist! A fully illustrated book will be published and available for purchase in 2016.

Q: I really love the music! Can I use or download it?

A: The original music from Catalist is produced by a few super talented composers, which can be downloaded from The Boss Cat’s Bandcamp and listened to on-the-go via Soundcloud. Any money made from purchasing music goes back to the musicians and to fund Catalist. Please do not use the music for commercial projects; however, feel free to create remixes or use it in Youtube videos, as long as the artists and The Boss Cat are credited.

Q: You must like cats, huh? I mean, like, really like cats.

A: Sure, I like cats. But no more than I like dogs or horses. How else was I going to make an awesome pun using the word ‘catalyst’ without writing a comic about magical feuding cats… Dogalist just didn’t have the same ring to it. I also ironically own four rats named Big, Chu Chi, Batman and Casio, and I’m relatively covered in a lot of horse tattoos and a big wolf head. Horsealist, Ratalist… Wolfalist. None of them work either. But yeah, cats are pretty okay!

Q: Do you take submissions?

A: While I don’t hire people from submissions, I’m always happy to look at your artwork!

© Catalist © 2013 The Boss Cat LLC, Oakland California